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Individual Coaching, Team Coaching, & Workshops

Coaching Packages for Individuals: 

(A.) One Session at a Time

Individual coaching considers the needs and goals of the client.  Together we create an agreement and focus agenda to move forward in our coaching relationship.

One-on-one coaching sessions are 60 minutes.  Cost of each individual session is $165.00 per session. 

Great for someone who wants to have a conversation and move life forward or make a decision.   

The cost of any additional assessments the client and coach agree to use during coaching is the responsibility of the client.  These sessions can be done face to face, ZOOM, or over the phone depending on the location of the client.


(B.) A Closer Look at YOU:


Package includes 6/1-hour coaching sessions for the cost of $900.00.  A link for the CliftonStrengths full 34 report assessment is provided.  Also, included are resources and materials.  

Great package for individual looking to have conversations, to create more self-awareness and move forward in a couple areas to thrive.

(C.) Deep Dive into More of YOU

Package includes 12/1-hour sessions for the cost of $1620.00.  A link for the CliftonStrengths full report assessment will be provided.  Also, included are developmental resources and materials.  

Perfect package for the individual willing to take the time to lay a firm foundation of who they are and create a life more in line with what they need now.  It's amazing how giving yourself a year, transforms you and enables you to have a greater impact on others.

Business Team

Team and Group Coaching Proposals:

​​We create a proposal for your unique team after a conversation about your team and what they need most.  We offer a strengths-based approach to team development.

Contact us using the button below to set up a conversation about your team.  We love partnering with teams to further appreciate and understand each other more.  This increases engagement, productivity, and performance, but beyond that the results are that the best of the best stay in your organization.  


Workshops and Team Building We Believe In: 

  • Introducing CliftonStrengths and Laying a Foundation

  • Team Building using CliftonStrengths

  • Employee Engagement for Customer Engagement

  • Life Planning to Get Your Attention

  • 5 Areas of Well Being to LIVE WELL and Work Well

  • The Clock's Ticking Hopefully, You're Focused on What's Most Important

Use the red button to set up a free call about the above workshops, training sessions, or coaching.  There's no obligation for having this call to move forward in anyway.  We'd love to hear from you today!

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