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Coaching face 2 face, phone, or video

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Individual Coaching, Team Coaching, & Workshops

Individual Coaching: 

All individual coaching considers the needs and goals of each individual client, prior to creating an agreement and focus agenda to move forward in the coaching relationship.

The client's personal budget is considered when creating this proposal, while keeping in mind the skills, experience, and credentialing of the coach.

If you are considering how coaching may be a way for you to move life in the direction you need to go at this time in life, please contact Karen to set up a brief 20 minute phone conversation.  You can use the red button below.  There's no obligation to move forward as a result of having this call.



The Clifton Strengths assessment is an instrument that unlocks the code of how you best do things.  This assessment is a series of reports.  It's not enough to just take the assessment and then place your reports aside.  Taking the assessment is just the beginning.


This includes the cost of the assessment for your top 5 greatest talent areas (value of $19.99 plus tax) and strength-based developmental handouts for your ongoing development.

  • 1 hour coaching session on your Clifton Strengths results based on your top 5 talent report $199.00. 

This includes the cost of the assessment for the Full 34 Report (value of $49.99 plus tax) and strengths-based developmental handouts for ongoing development.

  • A 1 hour coaching session on your Clifton Strengths results based on your Full 34 talent report $249.00.


Team Coaching Proposals:

​​I will create a proposal for your unique team.  We will include whatever it is your organization currently needs to increase the levels of engagement and serve your employees through Strengths-Based Development.

Contact me using the button below to set up a conversation.


Workshops for Change

  • Introducing CliftonStrengths

  • Strengths-Based Development 

  • Team Building using CliftonStrengths

  • Employee/Customer Engagement

  • Well Being for Employees

A few details for all coaching sessions:

  • Individual coaching  can be done face to face (if local), phone, or video call. 

  • All sessions are pre-paid before the start of the first session. 


  • Payment can be made with a credit card, personal bank account, check, or Pay Pal.  You will receive an invoice via email for your payment.

  • Most coaching packages coach once or twice a month depending on your schedule.  We can stay connected through email, short touch-base calls (as needed), and texting between our regular scheduled sessions, within reason.

  • Coaching resource handouts and helps are included for your development as we move through the stages of development and growth.  All assessments agreed upon for use in coaching are the responsibility of the client.  

For any additional questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact me at kstabile@outlook.com or use the button below.  I will be happy to discuss a more tailored proposal for your coaching needs.