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  Talented Creative Leaders Share about...coaching with Karen              

"Karen has helped me further develop my leadership style, discover my motivations, and define the value I add to the teams I lead.  This has resulted in improved personal satisfaction with work and my personal life, improved employee engagement, and some incredible business results. 


I would not have delivered on my commitments to my company at the level I have, had it not been for Karen's insight, direct feedback, and ability to get to the heart of each issue.  I appreciate her life planning that is a part of our conversations." 

~ S.K., Director - Global Integrated Healthcare Services and Product Company

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"I was referred to Karen as someone I should talk to.  I was interested in becoming a coach.  Karen more than willingly talked and shared her experience and life transition with me.  She shared resources and tools and told me to keep in touch. 
She was really interested in how things would unfold for my life.  She impressed me and made me feel so comfortable.  
During the coaching process, I was encouraged, enlightened, and energized to keep moving forward after every one of our calls. 
I highly recommend Karen as a coach to anyone that is ready to move their life forward and have a champion in their corner.  She really cares about helping."
~ Kathy M. - Professional Parent Educator/Trainer & Speaker
"I came to Karen at a critical time of transition frustrated and overwhelmed.  She was able to help guide me through this difficult time, assisting me to more fully understand who I am, and what is really important to me for this stage of my life. 
Keeping focused on the most important priorities, I have emerged on the other side of this transitional period happier, more whole, and more focused than ever on pursuing professional, vocational, and spiritual goals which are truly satisfying to me."

~ Mike G. - Realty Leader

"As a professional​, coaching with Karen has guided me in finding my own purpose and  path that lead to my happiness and increased success.  I strongly recommend Karen as a leadership development coach.  She has helped me not only achieve my goals, but discover who I am as a person. 


I was able to establish what I want from life and some guidelines on how to get there.  My sessions have brought me greater confidence, reachable goals for myself personally and professionally.  I have gained leadership skills through coaching."

I returned to coaching with Karen several years after my first initial sessions with her.  It was at a time in life when I was in need of making some important direction decisions that would change my life.  I knew coaching would help me, once again move life in the direction I needed to go.

~ Daria G. - HR Consultant, Currently training to become a Certified Coaching

"My journey working with Karen has been amazing.  She is an insightful compassionate leader who effectively blends corporate knowledge, career experience, theological study, and expertise gained from coaching diverse clients over the years into her sessions.  She has the insight to effectively coach to my life challenges.  Her genuine consistent approach to caring about dilemmas, success, and satisfaction for me and my family is appreciated.

Our relationship is a significant part of me achieving and surpassing my academic, personal, and career goals set.  Karen has truly helped me to change my prospective on how I see myself!"

~ Yalonda S. - Parent Coach, Special Needs Children - CEO of Care Club, LLC
"Karen's vast knowledge and guidance around strength-based development helped me to achieve the advancement goals I'd set for myself within my organization. 
She is compassionate and has a strong ability to encourage through connecting and developing your talent areas.  She helped me define what I do best and how to aim my talent at what I needed to make happen.  She helped me to see the truth about who I am.

Finding out how I best do things and understanding how others do things has made a profound difference in my life professionally and personally. 
I recommend Karen to anyone struggling with life, needing more clarity, confidence, and hope for a better future.

~ Kim F. - Administrative Assistant - Non-profit 

"Karen's 'Strengths' workshop gave me focus and validation.  It created a network of people committed and excited about personal growth and development. 


The information Karen shared, helped me changed my personal view of myself and allowed me to look at life in light of my talents.  It gave me the insight to embrace and develop what makes me unique.

I've practiced what I learned from Karen.  I'm now more productive, happier, and recharged. 


She has a skill and knowledge behind strengths and life.  This package comes with patience, genuine interest, and the love to help others succeed using more of their God-given talents.

Others see what's wrong with my generation, Karen sees what is right."

~ Debbie L. - Professional Photographer, Public Speaker

" Karen has always demonstrated true and sincere compassion and consideration to me.  I recommend her as a caring coach.  Her strength of caring and heart-felt interest shows up immediately when you first meet her. 


She is a TRUE professional and has influenced me in a positive way professionally and personally.  I know she will make a difference for you too.

~ Amy S. - Realty Leadership Professional

There is no obligation what so ever for having a FREE get acquainted call with me.  It's a great way for you to find out more about strengths-coaching and leadership development for you and your teams.  Use the above button to set up a call today!

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