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My Principal Focus

I willingly admit, it's connecting others to their talents.  As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I've successfully competed all the necessary requirements for certification.  I'm also certified as an Executive and Leadership Development Coach and Advanced Life Coach.  


Often we need an extra pair of trained eyes to see what comes naturally to us.  We're too close to see it.  We think everyone does what we do or thinks pretty close to how we think.  They do not.  Knowing how you do best things makes all the difference in how you lead. 

Dedicated to being a champion of others

I'm not satisfied until I see results and changes in those I partner with.  Relationships have a value higher than gold.  I excel at quickly connecting, ensuring individuals are comfortable in conversation.  

Life for me is on purpose; the details matter.  I'm a life-time leaner.  I can't read enough, research enough, and grow my knowledge around how to generate results using talents and strengths to save time and money, yet doing a remarkable job.  

Every life has worth and value, sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and to help us see the best in us.  I am talented at helping individuals and teams focus to best eliminate a cluttered life and what's tripping them up and keeping them from thriving where it most matters for each individual.

Artistic Ability to See the Bright Side of YOU!

Your best growth happens, when you have a vision for a great future.  My passion, training and experience provide the ability to help you connect the past, present, and future to gain an enriched perspective knowing your future is going to be awesome!  My process involves making life less, but better, focusing on what is important for you now. The edge I bring to our relation-ship is my relentless study of what Gallup calls the 34 talent themes, associated to the CliftonStrengths results.  I share this assessment with you through coaching.  It's a life changer.  It provides a language for you to put words to your unique self.


Knowing your where the bulk of your best chance for excellence is found, is a bit of insight for you to see what you have to use to do great things.  Client's mention time and time again, they love the fact that initially I see them living a bigger life.  Within a relatively short time period, they begin to realize I wasn't just imagining the things they would someday be doing.  

Part of what we do in coaching consists of: 

  • Discover your power and edge to work and live better. 

  • Define what success means and looks like for you.

  • Decide what is most important  to focus on in life now and also create a future you can't wait to live in.

​My faith in others doesn't erode because I know someone's struggles, or not so great choices.  I've had my own and learned the value of recovering from setbacks.  I love learning from the past, but it's not a very good place to camp.  I know how much you love victories and winning!  Let's get you moving in the direction you need to be moving.  Remember it's transformation using the truth about YOU, having conversations all about YOU.  That doesn't usually happen often in life unless we intentionally make it happen.  You'll see you are so worth it!

I no longer wish to be more like so-and-so 

Since, I connected to my talents and have been building strengths, life is brighter, more on purpose, and fulfilling.  I believe our unique set of talents are a golden thread running from God's heart to ours.  (Reason why they never run out!)  Imagine life with a flow, a connection to all that you have been given, to impact and implement positive changes you want to make happen.  

Grateful for those who have influenced me

I have files jam packed with wonderful memories, serving during my time working in high-end retail visual, management, and operations.  Nearly 14 years at Lord & Taylor, Macy's and Sak's Fifth Avenue prepared me for this time in life.

I will always love the business of retail, operations, and fashion.  Now I have the privilege of helping individuals fashion the real tale of their lives and make life more the way they need it to be now.  Assisting others in laying a strong foundation of who they are and creating a better life with purpose is a great fit for me today.  Caring through coaching is my purpose and passion and mission!  It's why I do what I do in serving...


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