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Really...Who are you?

"For anyone to relate to you, they have to know you. If you don't assert who you are in a relationship the other person never really knows you. The relationship either falls apart or fails to develop." Williams/Thomas, Total Life Coaching

Taking the time to define the best YOU, is the perfect way to be able to offer more in all your relationships. But, you're busy with life. You're trying to process what's coming at you fast. Figuring everyone else out and what they need seems more important than focusing on you. What would they think if you took some time for you? It just wouldn't be leadership-right?

You're probably convinced there isn't enough time to stop and focus on you. Trying to get to know others and putting them first, seems like the right thing to do. After all you've lived with yourself this long, what more could there possibly be to know? And you really do need to get to know all of these other people already. After all they have been on your team for over 6 months now.

"We can't relate to others in a healthy productive way, unless we know and relate to ourselves first in a healthy productive way."

A healthy productive way means we stop focusing on our weaknesses and trying to fix what is wrong with us. Turning our focus to looking at what is right about us...

Shoving your longings under the rug? Sure, we're all guilty of doing it, but for how long? At some point a penetrating look beneath the surface is exactly what is needed. A look that goes beneath the gestures and attitudes we present to the world. No, it's not the real us, but it's all we have time for.

Learning the distinct value of your life and how you uniquely influence others is a must. It is the key to success for you personally and professionally.

How about some questions for starters?

· What do I value most in my life?

· What takes up all my time?

· Am I being motivated by the right things?

· How do others see me?

· Are they seeing the real me?

· How do I best make things happen?

· Am I using all I've been given?

· Or am I using surface qualities?

· Do I have the right people in my circle?

Becoming more aware doesn't make you proud. It's humbling. When you understand how you think, feel, and behave, you can then begin to understand how others think, feel, and behave.

Did you know that you have priceless natural talents to help you get you to where you need to be, figure out what you want from life, and understand more about youself?

There's satisfaction in knowing what you do extremely well, close to perfection. Your talents, strengths, and abilities are the bridges connecting you to greater opportunities and a better future!

Do you know what yours are?

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