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Why "Quick Notes"

What's so important about "Quick Notes?"

When I think of writing, it has to be quick; and when I think of notes, I travel back in time. I think of all times in life when someone tucked a piece of paper right where I'd eventually find it...and their words changed me, brightened my day, and made me realize how much I was valued. Notes make us feel special. Quick ones sent in the spur of the moment, seem to arrive just at the right time.

The first time I opened my lunch box and found a note, "Have a good day," (mom or dad wrote it) I felt like someone believed in me. I felt connected. I felt like I wanted to work a little harder at what I was supposed to be trying to do.

The man that I would marry lived on the other side of the country. On a daily basis "I Got Mail." Inside the cards were notes written on post-it like papers.

After we were married I would find them type again randomly placed.

As a mom with two children, they would give me notes and card. Hallmark could only dream of making cards like these. Usually a one or two liner message...but that was all I needed.

Several years ago when I was managing a team of star players, I had an idea of how to build encour-agement on a daily basis for the team. Not just from me, but from everyone that this team served and served well.

Why not use notes?

I took a picture of each of individual. Constructed what I deemed their hall of fame, with a surplus of post-its and pens for everyone to use. The whole organization was encouraged to write "Quick Notes" of encouragement to each team member, when they did something that was service to be grateful for.

It wasn't long before the board was covered with "hats off comments" to each team member.

The value of little hand-written notes may seem insignificant in today's modern world of social media. I believe they are more important than ever, not just because I've had a life time experiencing the effects, but because I've seen the benefits others have reaped as a result of receiving them.

When was the last time you received a Quick Note?

Correct me if I'm so very wrong, but I can bet that it put a smile on your face and made you feel on top of the world. All from a little note on a little piece of paper. We are always looking for a way to help engage those we influence.

Notes of encouragement are actually close to priceless when compared to other corporate driven campaigns, yet their value is effectual and it doesn't take much time.

I dare you...

Take a pack of notes, use them for the benefit of others. When you see someone doing a good job...Post-it. When you want to say thank-you for being so kind...Post-it! When you see someone doing something as a result of using their God-given natural ability...Post-it!

Quick my way of helping increase confidence, clarify direction, and build hope for a future using more of your brilliance.

I sincerely invite you to stop by as often as you are able...

Yes, I do have a little box that I've saved some notes in. Every once in a while I pull it out and read through them...and life seems to be a little better.

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