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Where to buy your map to great leadership

Ever find yourself looking to leaders you admire…wondering, "how did they get to where they are today? Where can you buy the map to leadership, they precisely followed?"

You’ve googled them, to try and find a link to learn to their process to success. Only to come away feeling…I’ll never get there in a million years.

When I began trying to figure out some details about marketing, I followed those who had been marketing 20 plus years, maybe even more. I thought I should go to the biggest, most famous, names everyone knew... to get what I needed.

Wow…their sites had so many bells and whistles, endless information, and blogs that would take me a lifetime to read. I’d get caught up in searching and what seemed like days, would all of a sudden be gone…

Finally someone who could help me find my way....

Not sure when it happened, but I stumbled upon, Kim Avery, a coach and marketing individual who appealed to my marketing appetite. She made sense and things suddenly seemed so darn doable, even for me…

After I started following Kim, it dawned on me…when I left her site, or read her newsletter, or participated in some of her FREE offers…I came away inspired and motivated. Not overwhelmed with a belly full of stuff, so full and didn’t know where to begin.

You remember the girl with yellow hair who visited a few bears...

It is the same feeling Goldie Locks had, when she was checking out what the three bears had to offer. Much searching and trying different things out...landed me where I was able to be spoon fed great just right for me. It was only after I made the right connection. Much like Goldie...

I still keep the corner of my right eye watching marketing monsters. I just don’t follow them on a daily basis. I know I’ll get caught in all the information…feeling so full and still not a clue of what to do.

I’m convinced this “Goldie Locks Moment” can be applied to more than just a marketing dilemma. As you move closer to a goal, a project or situation, ask your- self a few questions to help align the best fit for you.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed...

· Am I following the right person or organization to get me where I want to be?

· Do I feel motivated and inspired after I’ve spent time with them?

· Am I just following them because everyone else is?

· Are they the best fit for me?

· Who is it that I spend time with and come away believing, “I can do it; I know I’m making progress”… they believe in me and understand exactly where I'm at!

There is no shame in making adjustments when it comes to who is influencing you. If you find you’re not developing as fast as you’d like…give yourself permission to seek out others who might be a better fit for what you need.

Not that you can’t follow your dream leader out of the corner of your eye. Having the right fit for who is influencing you…is a major contributor to your success. Not to big? Not too hot? Just the right size?

Challenge ourselves to grow and develop is a must, but if we're always feeling overwhelmed…it’s an indication we're not in the right circle of influence.

It’s not about how much information, but connecting to the right information…for you at this very moment!

How do you know you're following the right person or organization? Would love your thoughts...

Thanks for stopping by…I’d like to hear you thoughts! Karen

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