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Not sure what's next

I know that you love investing in others, simply by the fact that you are willing to be a leader. And I know you love developing others so they can become and do more.

In fact when you show up and do what you do, you’re actually trying to work yourself out of a job...

You know there’s another opportunity lined up for you. Your confidence level is tops most days, because you are able to be focused. You know using your strengths daily creates opportunities, you’ve seen and experienced the results first hand.

Yet there are those days where you ask yourself, “How in the world did I ever get here? I’m not quite sure what to do next? Just sitting there, not much action going on?

The truth is most leaders have felt exactly this way throughout their career at some time or other. They don’t mention there are times when they feel totally unqualified to be responsible for the lives of others.

This is normal to feel anytime we are walking through areas we’ve never walked before. Regardless of how many business courses or leadership seminars we’ve attended, it’s different in real life. When there are real people involved.

How do you re-frame your thoughts and tell yourself, “You know you do have what it takes?”

It all goes back to the heart of the matter. You know you care about the people that are a part of your team. They know that by following your lead, they will go places. Places they know they could never get to on their own. You've created trust.

This is what helps you re-frame and focus your thoughts as a leader. It isn’t that you seek to build yourself up more and protect your own back, but that you are willing to make yourself vulnerable for the sake of those you lead.

Your team can sense that you’ve put yourself on the line in order for them to be successful. They know you believe in them. This impacts not only their success, but yours as well.

You aren’t just concerned with what happens from 9:00 - 5:00 pm.

You want them to be equally fulfilled at home and with all of life. You’re really trying to create a life changing environment each time they walk through the doors of your organization. You are set on making sure they understand what they have to offer, their organization really needs and it fits well into the purpose, mission, and brand of the company they call home.

That in itself, is reason to give yourself breathing room the next time you feel like you’re a bit overwhelmed. Remember even the most influential CEO has stared at the walls numerous times thinking, “I wonder what I need to be doing next?”

We all have a tendency to check out when we are experiencing something that is a bit uncomfortable for the first time. But, you know how to continuously check back in.

There’s no doubt in my mind, you’ll figure it out.

Just picture yourself down the road maybe two or three years…all this will be like breathing to you. And your team, well they’ll be running the show, so you can take things to the next level, using more of your personal brilliance.

The next time you’re frustrated and a little over whelmed:

  • Look to those you’ve surrounded yourself with, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next.

  • Re-communicate your vision of what needs to happen to those around you, and then ask for their feedback. Sure you’ve asked once, but who says you can’t ask again, especially after they’ve had some time to think.

  • Remember you can’t be a leader unless there are other people involved, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

  • Know that when people see you moving into uncharted territory as a leader, it inspires them to want to come along, knowing it opens up opportunities for them also.

  • Your influence as a leader, who is willing to go out in the deep end, let’s individuals know you are in it for the long haul and not just playing around the edges…playing it safe. You’re teaching them to swim too.

No one likes to work for someone who seems to have all the answers to everything. Asking your team what they think, is the highest compliment you could ever give them.

It makes them know you greatly need them. When people feel needed life is better. Showing you need them moves you out of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, feeling overwhelmed that you have to do everything yourself.

Your thoughts around your frustrations and being overwhelmed are welcomed. Please use the form below to share.

Thanks for stopping by...Karen


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