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Face to face conversations

A few weeks ago I had coffee with a coach/friend of mine, Caroline. In the midst of that deep part of the conversation, I admitted there were times in my past, I pretended to be stressed and busy, just because others were stressed and busy.

I thought I needed to do this, to fit in. I thought other people, who seemed so important, were always busy and stressed. Stretching their scedules to squeeze things in, only having a few minutes to do things.

In the back of my mind, I kept wondering when was my life ever going to be over the top busy and stressed, because to me that would mean I’d arrived like the others. I waited.

As serious as I possibly could, I shared, “I’m never going to be one of those overly stressed busy people, I’m just too organized.”

She asked me, "Did you hear what you just said?" I did!!! When I looked at her, laughing hard and long, all eyes were on us. She told me to write down, what I just said, because this was going to change my life and the way I see myself.

She, and now I’m finding out countless others, are used to hearing me constantly talk about how I keep adding new links to my ME MANAGEMENT System. I didn’t realize how much I was jammering on about it. She did. She saw, what I wasn’t able to see. She saw that I was head over heals in love with learning to manage life, as best as possible.

I thought everyone breathed organization and dreamed of ways to make life more accurate and on target. Sure there were a few people who seemed to lack a few time management skills, but I felt deep down they dream of organization, like I do.

It's not that I'm not busy. I've learned to focus on what I'm supposed to be doing. What I need to be doing now. I've purposed what I want life to be like. Some things I have control over and others I don't, like my husband's emergency elbow surgery.

We adopt beliefs, sometimes based on farfetched ideas, with not even a trace of truth in them. We let them drive us, at least until there’s a shift.

Freeing ourselves up from faulty thinking sounds simple enough to do. Honestly, I think it’s going to take a life time, but I’m willing, because I love the freedom it offers. I love that one shift in my belief system affects almost every aspect of my life.

"A shift occurs mostly as a result, rather than by being intentional."

Total Life Coaching --Patrick Williams/Lloyd J. Thomas

When I walked in for our meeting, I wasn’t telling myself, “today is the day to shift some faulty thinking lady.” It happened naturally, because we were talking together. I could actually hear what I was telling her, when I said it outloud. LIFE CHANGING!

There’s something about a good old fashioned face to face conversation. Don’t get me wrong I’m as techy as the rest. And I use all forms of social media to connect when it's necessary and it works.

The secret: We were born for face to face conversations

Your life depends on them. Your health, your well being, your relationships,and your business. It's what will give you insight and motivation to get to work on what you've set your hands to do. Developing your business in a room all by yourself, isn't the best thing for you or your business.

5 tips for your next face to face to make it quality time:

  • Meet in an environment where you can be yourself

  • Meet with someone who holds no judgements about you

  • Meet with someone who likes you

  • Meet with someone who holds no expectations/demands on you, yet challenges you

  • Offer the same benefits back to the person you're meeting with

  • Share your heart, beliefs, and what's going their reaction

Change never happens when we are emotionally or intellectually demanded to do it. When you force yourself to try to make things work right, you'll weary. A shift in our thinking through a healthy conversation encourages you profoundly.

While I was talking to Caroline, I was learning something new about myself. Something I had no idea what so ever that I was believing so strongly.

I know you are busy. When all the world is moving so much faster and requiring so much more than you think you can give, find someone to talk to.

Can you afford to neglect the SECRET, shifts happen through quality time, face to face conversations?

Pull back and have a conversation. At least once a week find 30 minutes out of your day to make this happen with someone you can be yourself with. Someone who gets what you are trying to make happen.

This will take your life and your business in the direction you need to be moving faster than watching another webinar. Who knows what you will learn about yourself. It could be the link that has been holding you back.

The last 6 months have been the busiest ever for me, if I don't schedule these meeting to connect, they won't happen. Take advantage of my FREE Get Acquainted Call today. I'd love to hear what's going on about a transition you are in or a business adventure you're involved with.

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