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Do you feel the need to make up for lost time?

Time is one of the most precious commodities. And like money, we never seem to have enough. I wish I could tell you coaching will add an extra day to your week. I can't promise that. But, I can share when you become more aware of exactly where you are in life, this adjusts your focus. In fact it's often a jolt, especially if we haven't taken a good look at where we are lately simply because we are way to busy.

A jolt now is better than a jolt when a whole lot more time has passed. All of a sudden finding out what is really important and what's eating up time...becomes a driving force. And more than likely it will keep you up at night, steal your joy, and ignite endless worry, unless you make some adjustments. Especially when it dawns on you that you aren't giving your attention to anything you really want and all of your time is going toward things that drain the life out of you.

This isn't the way anyone should live, let alone a leader like yourself.

"Time and tide...wait for no man." Ancient Proverb

No matter how hard we try, we can't stop time or slow it down; we can't stop the tide from rolling in. Though we tell ourselves, "we are making up for lost time," we really can't. What we can do though is see where we are, realize we need to move in a better direction, then make better future starting NOW!

So where are you?

Measuring time differs within each culture, but most do agree on four distinct categories of life.

  1. Juvenile (0-19 years)

  2. Early Adulthood (20-39 years)

  3. Middle Adulthood (40-59 years)

  4. Late Adulthood (60-the rest of your life)

I'm somewhere in the number 3 stage. Ok, I'm right at the end. Days are ticking until I'm in the "Late" phase. What I put my hand to do has to line up with my values, innate talents and strengths. I need to add value to the lives of those around me more each day. I don't have time to waste. If you're a Millennial or Gen Xer, it's a great time to wake up and smell the coffee, before you find yourself in Middle to Late Phase scrambling for what you really want life to look like.

"The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation." Corrie ten Boom

...are you making the best donation for your stage? or are you struggling because what you thought you wanted is not longer what you really want?

Stephen R. Covey advises, "to begin with the end in mind."

  • When you come near the end of each stage, what do you want it to look like?

  • What do you see yourself doing that will be different from what you are doing now? What should stay the same? What do you need to add?

  • Leaving each stage gracefully and fulfilled, is so much better than beginning the next stage a few strokes back and unhappy or upset with what just took place.

  • Your satisfaction, fulfillment, and engagement with life, determines your contribution as an individual.

  • Make peace with the previous stages and bring the good from each into the's there no matter how badly things may have gone.

It's been said, "We spend the first half of our life trying hard to make money and the second half of our life trying hard to make it meaningful."

Have you ever known anyone who came to the end of life and wished they had worked longer, made more money, and spent more time trying to keep up with their neighbors. Instead it's all about asking, "Did I make a difference? Did my life matter? What kind of value did I add to those I love and walk along side each day? Who will remember me for the individual I was and not only for what I did?

How can you make this moment moving forward, the best of part of your life so far?

  • By becoming more of the unique individual you were designed to be.

  • By doing more of what you do like no one else can do, only you.

  • By letting go of all the expectations you and others have about your life.

  • By taking the necessary risks using your gifts and talents in a way you only dream your dreams.

It may mean eliminating the things that aren't working any more. It may mean trying something new to see the difference it can make. It will require stepping out of your comfort zone, but that doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

How can you up the ante on the donation for the duration of where you are in life now?

Please leave a comment in the box below. I'd really like to know what stage your are in and how you plan to transition into the next.

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