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Are you hearing the message life is sending?

Too busy trying to make life work, our needs go by the way side. Life wasn't meant to be lived this way. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs suggests we are motivated to fulfill our basic needs. When one is met, we move on to the next. As a result our needs are continually changing. What motivated you five years ago, may not be what's motivating you today. What is important to you in each of the five areas, and what you value most, is what will motivate you. It's what you'll aim your greatest talent at. What are my five basic needs? 1. Survival - How do I stay alive and reproduce? 2. Security - How do I feel safe? 3. Social - Am I loved and do I feel like I belong to someone or something? 4. Self-esteem - Do I feel worthy, respected, and a bit of status? 5. Self-actualization - Do I feel fulfilled and what have I achieved? Life provides us with information and messages based on our choices, beliefs, and behaviors. Based on how we go about getting our needs met. • If we don't listen to the message, the message becomes a lesson. • If we don't learn the lesson, the lesson turns into a problem. • If we don't address the problem, the problem becomes a crisis. • If the crisis goes unresolved, the crisis creates chaos, for you and often others. You know you're one of the best young professionals out there, yet there are times when you can't put your finger on what's wrong. You know you're putting your best foot forward, but you're not moving as fast as you'd like to. Sure, you're functioning, but there is no inspiration or creativity involved. No fun or enjoyment either. And at the same time, you're supposed to be influencing others, meeting goals, and raising productivity and profit through the roof. Just to name a few. It's enough to make even the best grow weary, feel inwardly empty, and experience the full weight of unbearable pressures. All the while you're asking yourself, "I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong? Is this really happening to me? Why isn't life working like it's supposed to?" Listen and watch for the signs life is sending you. Life was never meant to be handled all on your own. Doing it all by yourself wearies your soul. How can you regain your focus and stay on top of your game? Knowing your greatest talent areas is a must for your continued success and satisfaction in work and in all of life. If you've read something, you'd like to talk about, contact me. Take advantage of my FREE 30 minute get acquainted call. There's no obligation, it's just a conversation about YOU! If you'd like to learn more about your greatest talent areas, let's talk. I can help you find your brilliance and help you move life forward, so the message you hear is a sweet sound to your ears. Until next time...Karen

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