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Hope and a clearer direction for about the cost of your morning coffee

Life wasn’t meant to be lived in a helter-skelter way. It doesn’t matter how busy we are. How much we need to get done. We can only jam so much into a day. Depending on your personality type and what drives you, the rate at which you cram will vary.

Call it wisdom, maturity, or plain old common sense, but at some point, we experience that, "about all I can take mode.”

Sometime it’s our own choice to make changes and at other times, life has made the choice for us. Maybe we have made wrong choices and our choices have moved us in a direction we never thought we would be. Change comes for so many more reasons than I have room or time to list. We must adapt to it, whether we like it or not.

There are oh so many reasons some people adjust and others fight change. Most of the time we don’t need a million answers to help us, just being pointed in a better direction and shown where to start is often a tremendous help.

I’ll admit I’ve been a lover of, “time management” books, as far back as I can remember. As a child, I remember trying to increase productivity and take my little chore to the next level. It wasn’t just to get it done, so I could head out the door. In my mind I thought I was creating more time.

Now I know it’s not about creating more time. That's not the’s about managing ME. I can't manage myself, if I don't know myself and how I do things, let alone try to understand how others do things.

Over 17,000,000 have taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0. They have discovered how they best do things. Their unique way that they function. The assessment shows where we have the greatest potential to be strong. It also helps us understand where we are weak and need to partner with others for help. (Eliminating those bad choices and tough times...)

I wish I could promise that knowing the information shared in your Clifton Strengths report will give you more time and erase all of your past mistakes. I wish I could tell you, you will instantly have peace and direction.

I can tell you that it is an investment, (about $20.00 or your coffee money for the week). It will help you understand what you need to move life forward experiencing it more the way it was mean to be. A life full of hope and direction for you. Taking the assessment is a start, you won't be sorry you did. It's a step that will move you in a better direction.

If you want to ditch the helter-skelter mode of living. Contact me to connect and set up a FREE 30 minute phone call.

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