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Are you a fun leader?

Stacked on the book shelf was a pile of Fortune magazines. They'd been piling up.  I was hoping to get to them soon. Today I took a minute to see what I’d missed, maybe find something I needed…

“Making a Workplace Great,” by Stanley Bing, put the brakes on.

Not being yelled at, no insulting email, and a great place to have lunch were just a few items that were rated at the top of the list; maybe a gym, a place to catch some fresh air, or even play a round of golf. Not bad...

What does make a company a great place to work?  Where people don’t want to leave and people are knocking the doors down to get in…

Stanley Bing mentioned, most people at work are looking for a FUN place...along with a little money thrown in.

It sounded to me, the place he was describing is very close to an organization that plays to their Strengths and has created a Strengths-based culture.  A place where people are free to do what they do best, close to perfection...on a daily basis. 

This would eliminate the need for anyone to be yelled at. A culture where everyone is aware of what the other person is good at, as well as where their blind spots are.  A culture where someone always has your back and you have theirs.  A place where people are engaged because they're having fun.  Not because they're playing games, but because they're playing to their strengths for greater productivity and performance that rocks.  Their engagement levels are off the charts.

According to Gallup research, “Only 1 in 4 says they have the opportunity to do what they do best every day.”  Look around you, you do the math considering your organization, approximately how many are truly engaged and using what they have to create a stellar performance?

Increased performance and more FUN at work?  What do you think?

“A company is a great place to work if you can wake up every morning and go the office or plant or cubicle farm with a spring in your step and a good solid feeling that you’re not wasting the one life God gave you doing somebody else’s business and none of your own.” Stanley Bing

Life is too short not to have that spring in your step.  Without spring, your feet get very heavy and when you stomp around, it could be annoying to you and those around you.  

Using your strengths gives you the feeling of walking on air. You’re not burdened down, carrying a heavy load. People who are allowed to focus on using their strengths at work…like to go to work. They’re energized, happier, and increase their performance.  They don't go home drained.  Sure they're tired, they've worked hard...but they can't wait to go back and do it all again tomorrow.  They're doing what they love and are great at. They know they can't do it all on their own and have formed great partnerships, even great friendships.

Does this sound like you?  Is it like this where you work?

You no longer are just contributing to the company you work for…but you are growing and developing YOU.

You are a part of the big picture.  You are needed for what you can bring to the table, like no one else can.  Now who doesn’t want to work in a place like that?  

If you don't work in a place like the one I described above maybe you should call me.  If you don't have fun at work, you should definitely call.

I offer a no obligation Free Get to Know Me call.  Let's talk soon.  

When you use your strengths, it’s no longer about “someone else’s business” they’ve invited you in, because they know what you do well and they need you.

At the end of the day you travel home, still with that spring in your step, to the people who need you are able to give them what they need from you. You've been using your Strengths and your energized not completely drained.  Sure you are tired, but it's that good kind of tired.

I really liked Stanley’s article. He has a new book out this April, The Curriculum…I’ve already added it to my list.

From your leadership perspective… What exactly makes your place such a great place to work?  Why do people have a spring in their step?

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