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A little bit about this "Strengths" thing you've probably heard around town

It's been 4.5 years, since I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.   For me, life has not been the same.  I've shared the opportunity to use this assessment tool with nearly everyone.  I don't see this changing in the near future.

I've ceased trying to to be well-rounded.  I'm settled on the fact that I won't be great at everything.  Learning about my talent and knowing I've had them since birth, gets me a bit ruffled up as to why it's taken me so long to tap them.  I do see more excellence in my life in all the right places, so I can smooth the feathers and continue to aim how I naturally think, feel, and behave at what my next priority or project is.  

The things that I thought were odd or abnormal about me are really my talents and I'm letting them blossom.  I'm comfortable enough, I feel like I really own them more and more.  Enough, so that I no longer feel I need to hide them or make excuses for them.

There is nothing I value more than relationships.  Take the gold, I'll take people.  Especially those who mean the world to me.

Relator is #1.  Yes, I don't like meeting people for the first time, so I just pretend we've already met.  Or, I try to find out as much as I can about someone before we meet.  I need to be with those in my inner circle.  Not often, but more than once in a while.  I need to see how they are doing and let them know where I am.

I have lists.  In my mind, on paper, and in a system I created to silence the whisper of discontent from my Achiever.  After I transitioning into a new career, I needed to see tangible evidence  down on paper.   Was I doing things to move me forward?  Was I doing enough?  These lists help me sleep better.  I still go over the day in my head, before I close my eyes and wonder if I accomplished enough or checked enough off of my lists. The most important thing though, did I relate to others well?  Did I inspire or encourage someone?  I've learned that my Relator helps me see people, be with people.  Otherwise my Achiever, the big boss it tries to be takes over and chooses to eliminate the time needed for me to be with those I love or those I still need to meet.  Learning to pair these two talents up, life is sooo good!  

I've always had a mental picture of me holding a stop sign.  Responsibility, my #3 talent area, is what keeps me doing what I should and helps me refrain from what wants to rob me of what my life is to be focused on now.  If I say I will do something, I will.  If I fail, fall, or disappoint you, it will be a long hard while until I can forgive myself.  Learning to say no is still on my list.  If something goes wrong, the first question I ask is, "what did I do to contribute to this?"  I'm learning not everything is my fault.  I cannot fix everything that's broken.  I am not responsible for everything and everyone I know.  I can show up and do my part.  I need to show up and do my part.

I have a pack of gum.  My dad gave it to me the last time I saw him, almost 13 years ago.  We both were avid gum chewers.  As I said good bye and began to pull out of the drive way, he reached in the pocket of his robe and said, "Here's some gum for your ride.  You'll need this."  I thought there was something wrong with me, this pack of gum still means so very much.  My Connectedness is the golden thread that keeps me not far from my dad and his pack of gum.  The sight of that gum floods me with joyous memories.  I can point to everything I own and tell you the story behind why it means so much to me.  I can look out my window and randomly feel a part of the people passing by.  I look up at tall buildings and know I play a small, yet a significant one.  I am a apart of something that is enormous.  I do not like an us versus them mentality.  Somehow I see we are all part of each other, though we are uniquely individual at the same time.

The thirst for knowing more about my focus for the now, never goes away.  I no longer hide my books, my husband knows and understands my Learner.   If we both want to read the same book.  He goes first.  He understands my need to write in the book while I read the book.  He says, "I write a book as I read a book."  Maybe I do.  To me it is so satisfying. 

I used to ask, "why doesn't everyone else read 3 or 4 books at a time, or even one since they graduated?"  Now I understand they have their own talents.  I try hard not to be a book pusher.  I am really trying hard not to gush about my latest read.  You can have your diamonds.  I'll take the books and people any day of the week.  

I've been playing life with my top 5 talent areas for a few years.  I'm even dipping into the next 5 that follow to see what else can help me be a better individual, a better person that is able to make a profound difference.  Not on my own, but using my God-given talent.  Using that golden thread running from His heart to mine.  Empowering me to significantly serve so much better those who come my way.

It is my joy to help others experience life knowing their greatest talent areas.  I don't know of anything else that has helped me understand me. I love that it has afforded me the ability to respect those with other talents instead of asking, "what in the world is wrong with them?  If you would like to learn what your top 5 talent areas are click on the link below.

It is my joy to help others experience life knowing their talent areas.  I don't know of anything else that has helped me understand me. If you would like to learn what your top 5 talent areas are click on the link and enjoy the journey.

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