Do you think it's a ridiculous idea for you to take a closer look at more of the truth about who you are to thrive in a changing world?  In life?  
I understand you have too much on your plate and not enough time to figure out what is a priority and what really matters most.  Yet, you still keep putting things out there, hoping for the best.  Has masking frustrations and over whelmed feelings become your daily norm?  No one should live this way or feel this way after you've worked so hard.  This is probably going to seem like I'm being unreasonable when I ask, "have you considered coaching?"  Or a conversation about you? 
Partnering with professionals wanting to make more of a difference, while feeling confident and focused because they know who they are, what they best do, and the life they want to live is what I do best as a coach.  Together we create a plan for a better life, focusing on using your unique talents and strengths to thrive.  There is no obligation for having a FREE 20 minute call with me.  Click the red button to schedule a call.  I'd love to hear from you!  

How to work with me?  It's not just about helping you avoid failure; it's all about helping you thrive in life more using your full potential!  

1.  Set up a complimentary FREE 20 minute call using the red button above.

2. In the first session (telephone, ZOOM, or in person) we'll create a plan based on what you want or need to make happen through      coaching.  If you are unsure about what you want or need, that's where we'll begin our conversation.  

3. We'll coach once or twice a month, maintaining our relationship  through email, a brief phone call or text, as needed between            scheduled sessions.  You'll receive an invoice from me prior to your coaching session.  You can use PayPal, a check, or a major          credit card.       

Coaching isn't a one time conversation.  It's a relationship for your personal growth and develop that opens up possibilities and opportunities for you!  I'd like to be a part of this exciting journey in your are worth giving yourself the time.    









"Karen, I can't thank you enough for helping me step into more of who I am, while ensuring I am aware of my blind spots and vulnerabilities.  Things would not be going this well had I not been learning and benefiting so much from our sessions!"  MS 

The Problem

  • You have too much life!  Time is the real villain here and not on your side to get it all done.   

  • Years of adding more to your plate is wearing on you, yet you're trying hard so others don't notice or think you've failed. 

  • You know life is short, that's why you've worked so hard, but now you aren't sure if it was for this.  Something is missing...

What if you transformed so you could thrive and not just survive?
It means you move from frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and focused, learning more about how you are wired to work, to best do life.  Living a more engaged life, embracing your plans for a thriving life,  which has a significant impact on others is highly doable.  It doesn't take as long as you'd think.  I've watched countless clients transform; I know you can too!
My priority is you satisfied with our coaching relationship. 
If after 3 sessions you're not, I will refund the full cost.  Also, there is no obligation for having a FREE 20 minute call with me.  Click the red button to schedule a call.  I'd love to hear from you!  (In 9 years of coaching, I've never provided a refund.)

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