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Who doesn't need clues? 5 to get you going

I have never been fond of the phrase, “Children try; adults do.”

“Just Do It!” It’s what they say, especially if you are a leader. There’s not time for trying, only doing. Eyes are on you. As a leader your influence is on the line.

But it’s 2017. This is the year you promised yourself you would do something you've never done before. You know be a kid again. Get out of the box and try that one thing you've had on your "Maybe Someday List" and today is that day.

The child-like ability of trying new things keeps the art of being successful fun!

What if you attempt _____, but you do it in secret? If you fail, no one will know you even tried. Sure this could work. But what if you gave yourself permission to find out what you have the potential to do?

Gallup has a freeing approach to look for talent using the 5 Experimental Clues to Talent. Paying attention to the points gives freedom to try. And also, the assurance you may be moving in the right direction. Just give it a bit more time to simmer. The fear of failure is out of the picture on most days, as you begin to see these clues to your talent areas unfold...sort of like this!

The 5 Experimental Clues to talent:

  • Yearnings of the Heart

  • Rapid Learning Areas

  • Flow

  • Glimpses of Excellence

  • Satisfaction

You live with an extremely high standard for doing. What you do, better be close to perfect or at least better than those around you. What if you began following the lead of the clues you see and use them as check list to determine if you should keep on going?

Individuals doing life (personally and professionally) successfully, do what they do for the joy it gives. They can’t imagine life any other way. They don’t care what others think. Well, maybe they do, but it’s not at the top of the list. Perfection isn’t the goal. They would never have tried in the first place, if it was.

Joy remains long after we are done. When we try something and begin to move into doing it with excellence this is fuel, balancing life and giving it meaning. Fuel to keep us moving and satisfied.

Could it be that we don’t have as much fuel as we used to, because we won’t allow ourselves to try?

You want to start the project, ask for the promotion, paint the picture, write that chapter, or create your very first blog post. When you do perfect, you promise that's the day the world will learn about it.

Beth Dunn in her “You Tube video, “How to Be a Writing God, posted by Hub Spot,, shares freeing information. Those of us who get stopped by perfection, yet long to take a risk, embarking on an idea we can't seem to shake.

“Lowering the standard of what you do is a key to experience remarkable results. “

Beth Dunn

It didn’t take much to convince me. I’ve never heard anyone say lowering my standard was acceptable or good for me. That doing this could help me become better and actually make a dream real. Like me writting this post.

Take the pressure off. Cultivate the sparkle by trying and watch for the 5 clues as you attempt to launch doing something new.

The yearnings of your heart are there for a reason. You can launch into doing your dreams without the pressure of doing perfect. Keeping in mind, it’s your dream. Enjoy the trying. You may find, because you are enjoying yourself, you are getting better with each try. When you wake up knowing you need to put this on your schedule, that's a great clue.

Watching my granddaughters, ages 4 & 5, create something new has been a wake up call. I see all 5 clues operating in their lives at open throttle.

They want to paint. They ooze with confidence and freedom. They get the paint on the paper. There is no hesitation. I’d settle for half of that freedom. They aren’t concerned with abilities or what anyone thinks.

They are extremely satisfied with what they create. The sparkle in their eyes from sheer enjoyment can’t go away. It shouldn’t.

Get the sparkle back in your eye again:

  • Give yourself permission to try

  • Put it on your schedule

  • Continue doing what you enjoy doing, even if your aren’t that good at it yet

  • Be proud you are willing to be vulnerable and get out of the box

  • Remember as a leader, you set the pace for others to try

  • Trying new things is the way you tap your talent and grow

Doing new is what pushes you out of your comfort zone. You can over time create a new comfort zone.

You have abundant natural talents, skills and a full potential to do the thing you have been thinking about doing. It all begins with permission to try. A commitment to giving yourself a little time will get going.

What if the new thing you start brings amazing opportunities and changes for your life? Life could become better than you ever imagined it could.

Make trying the norm for you in 2017… keep tapping what you have been given to use. You will hit excellence in more areas than you know.

What are you willing to try today, that you know you really want to?

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